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You go out with friends!
One of them has to get up and sing!

You have to tell them that …

It’s time for a reality-check. How many times have you heard someone say, ‘I’m a singer’? Then when they get up to sing, they remove all doubt whether they really can sing. Something seems to be missing. Something like… tone and pitch and the fact that… They Can’t Sing. Unfortunately, many cannot hear themselves the way others do. This is your place on the Net to share your friends voice with everyone else so we can all help you get your message across.

All you have to do is get a song your friend sang from a Karaoke DJ, or a recording of them singing and bring it here. Pay the $5 bucks and upload the song to us from a special page and we’ll do the rest. After our Reality-Check Staff reviews the song, leave it to us. We’ll post an honest review of their talent, or lack of, that they can take or leave. But i am sure they will get the point. Plus, visitors who listen will also be able to post a review.

Newest Hall of Flamer

Rodder : The Cowboy Rides Away

The Cowboy Rides Away and kept riding until he fell in the ocean and drowned… with his horse.

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Your anonimity is safe with us unless you tell us to tell them that you sent the recording. There’s no need for them to know who the rat was that turned them in to YouCantSing.com! Submissions are strictly confidential unless the person whines to us so much, that we crack under the pressure and are forced to give up your name to them. In this case, we suggest you move.

 But wait! There’s more! Turn yourself in and it’s FREE!! And you get a gold star too.  That’s right! Nip it! Nip it in the bud!! By turning yourself in, you’re saying to the world, “Hey, I’m no Frank Sinatra or Whitney Houston, but I love to sing!”  When you get to the sign-up page, just click the lemons button and contact us. Plus, you and your friends will be glad you did! 

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My Karaoke business has dropped, but I can sleep now! Chester Bull 

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This is a brand new web site and was published to the Internet March 25th, 2006
Be the first on your block to nip these out of tune singers in the bud!

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Features bad singers that were turned in by their friends and some even turned themselves in. It